Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 31 -- Why "Awareness"?

Today is the last day of Down Syndrome Awareness Month and thus, the last day of 31 for T21. I will miss blogging every single day, as it has gotten me into the habit and it has made me think. I have thought more about people with Down syndrome, their parents, their abilities and their acceptance in our world. That is why there is an awareness month, I suppose, so we will ponder these things and so that we will promote acceptance.

I believe there is a dire need to promote acceptance. These days the number of decisions to terminate certain pregnancies which are thought to be carrying a baby with Down syndrome has greatly increased. This trend is disturbing and so heart breaking. Is it a commentary on lack of acceptance in our society? Or is it reflective of a culture that is fearful of anyone less than “perfect”? (How do we know what is perfect anyway? Ourselves?)

We, as a society, do not need that mark upon us-- the mark of only bestowing value upon those whom we deem valuable. We are far too short- sighted to determine who is “worth” life.

Many parents think that they just don’t have what it takes to raise a child with a disability. To them, I would say, “Yes, you do. You are given exactly what you need when you need it. Enlarge your parameters and erase your preconceived notions. Dare to seize your gift. In return you will receive more than you ever could have dreamed. Your life is about to be changed and for the better!”

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