Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 13 -- On the move to WI

After some big fun in Chicago, we are on our way now to Wisconsin. I have never been there before but am looking forward to checking out Madison, where Ted has meetings. The Chicago part was strictly for fun, and fun it was. We had our deep dish pizza, Italian food and Thai food, rode trains and buses to our destinations, knocked ourselves out at multiple museums, and even got to do a little shopping! What a fabulous place! This was my fourth time to Chicago (Ted's brother used to live there), but we did not always do what the tourists do when we came. One time was work related, and I did some shopping, but no time for all the other stuff.

On our first trip here, A was only a toddler, and we took that little guy and his umbrella stroller on the train to the Field Museum! What was I thinking?? He must've gotten hooked, though, because he has now, at age 19, been back to Chicago four times without me!

On the homefront, Nana asked N what the most exciting thing was at school today. When he told her that it was the thunderstorm, she asked if he was scared (long history of this). He told her no, that he had not been scared of storms since he was in middle school. This was way back when he was just a wee lad about 5 months ago!

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