Friday, September 16, 2011

Falling for you

Oh, Fall, how I love you! Let me count the ways . . . Wait, how many (or rather, how few) days ago was it that I was lamenting an approaching 96* day? Things can switch around rather quickly here. But if pumpkins the size of basketballs are in the grocery store and I put the lovely fall wreath on the door, I can will fall here, right? Well, maybe not to stay.

What is Indian Summer anyway? I think it is when a few hot days come back here and there. Maybe that's what we had. But today is cool and crisp, and I think I smell cinnamon. Football captivates many minds around me and shorts are not the first item I reach for each day. (But don't be thinking I am ditching my beloved flip flops yet. They are the last remnant of summer every year!)

Mostly, I think, fall brings change. And change is exciting.

Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all. ~Stanley Horowitz

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happily Irresponsible

I am the older sister. Maybe enough said. I am responsible—too responsible. I had to be the driver of the car that arrived home at or before curfew in high school, so I was accustomed to being the nail biter. Would baby sister round up easily at the arcade to make it home in time? Being a responsible mother came naturally for me. This role is now so ingrained, it is hard to let it go.

Except for when dear younger son kicks in. I found it delightful today when he nervously pointed at the fuel light on in my car. He gestured frantically at a nearby gas station since I was on the phone. (Wow, so that’s what it feels like for someone else to worry about things!) He loves to go to church youth on Wednesday nights, so this evening he kept a vigilant eye on his watch. He ate a quick dinner, took my plate (wait!), put a few things away, changed clothes and announced he would be in the car. Right on time! Hmm, I could really get used to letting him pick up some of this “responsible” stuff. I think I am getting a little too old for it.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's That Chu Say?

A stranger burst my bubble today. I was walking past her house with my husband on a little stroll. It was perfectly lovely outside and I was enjoying the outdoors. She sat idly on her porch and called out, "Great day to be outside, isn't it?" We agreed and she proceeded to remark on how nice it has been. Indeed! We have needed no air conditioning for over a week. This is remarkable!

Then it came out. "I hear it is supposed to be 96 next week, though." What?? "We can't seem to get away from it," she added. I normally don't pay attention to weather forecasts and just accept each day's weather as if it were my screen saver; it's just the background, you know? When people complain about the weather, I simply shrug because -- what can you do? It is what it is and we don't get a vote.

But because of our unusually brutal summer, it felt like she said, "We will have 7 more weeks of oppressive heat and we will all perish because of its intensity." Really, 96? Really? I'm paying attention to that.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Her Rock Star Highness

Ok, the reason I am so excited about taking more photos is because I had a tutorial with a famous lady! Long story short, I was headed to Madison, WI again with my husband, and a few weeks before departure I offhandedly remarked that the only person I "knew" in Madison was this blogger lady, Donna Boucher. Of course, she didn't "know" me, I only "knew" her. Anyway, Sweet, Fabulous, Amazing Man o' Mine did an unthinkable thing! He contacted my blogging crush and asked not only if I could meet her but if I could have a photography tutorial with her!!!!!!! And this was my birthday present.

The Man is definitely set for life. He need not do one other thing. Ever. I was so flabbergasted when he wrote this all out for me and gave it to me that I was speechless. And continued to think over and over how speechless I would be to meet Donna. And how I could not think of a single photography question because I would be in the presence of her Rock Star Highness. I was so giddy.

Well, Donna met every expectation and more. I'll tell about her some later. If you want to read her at Quiet Life, you will enjoy her. If you want to read what she wrote about our visit, it's on her Tuesday, August 23rd post. Oh, one of her credentials is writing photography tutorials for Pioneer Woman!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In Short Supply and High Demand

Recently shot on State Street in Madison, Wisconsin, where I found my impetus to shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. (I'll tell all soon.)

Don't keep them, give them away. Everyone is dying for some. (Even more than they want that soda, chocolate, and ice cream!) This world needs each and every kind word you can spare.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Is it Whiney?

Is it whiney to call your mom up and say, "Child #2 is home sick with a stomach virus, my garage door is broken, and Child #1 has a warrant out for his arrest. How are you?"

She is fine. Just fine, because she happily stayed here while I accompanied my husband out of state last week and she knows this could be her. Actually, the stomach virus could be worse, doors can be fixed, and the child has only missed his court date by 4 days in another state. (Running a stop sign is not a felony, but do you really think you can ignore a ticket??)

I have missed blogging. I am newly invigorated to take more photos and there is a good reason for that! I can't wait to share that with you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking Toward Summer

I like that feeling of excitement mixed with panic, do you? That is how I feel about summer approaching and many days of no school, no schedule ahead. I told you how I started planning so many things for my son because spring break made me think. Lots of days, all sprawling ahead, make me think, "Yay!" and "Uh oh, what is he gonna do? Help!" all at once.

I called about therapeutic horseback riding and that seems to be in the works. Wow, a lot of paperwork, but hopefully, it will be worth it. I also want to find an art outlet for N, who seems to churn out quite a lot of drawings on a weekly basis. This seems to calm him, and I would like to find someone who can help him develop his abilities . . . I have so many areas I want to plug him into that we just don't seem to have the time for during the school year. Ah, so many possibilities!

Currently, he is helping with the football team after school. They started spring practice, and he gets the equipment out and hands out protein drinks. He likes setting up the obstacle courses they run and has occasionally gotten to blow the whistle for them. I have met the coach once, who said that he gets things out there so quickly for them and that they can't wait to have him on the sidelines with them in the fall. This was great to hear. I have trouble, though, just letting him stay after school and do his thing. I wonder how well he is following directions, wonder if he is really helping, whether he understands, etc.

It is hard to be the parent of a teen who looks capable and just assume that no news is good news. I don't want to be in the middle of it all, but I do feel the need for some more communication! Is this going to be a normal feeling or will I eventually let go all the way?