Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 23 -- You deserve a break today

This 23rd post for 31 for 21 is to recognize the moms of kids with special needs. I know what it is to devote your all to making sure your child has everything he needs. We moms are "on" at all times, making sure the therapies get done, the food is nutritious and the toys are educational. Because our kids are often assessed and we are told where they are on a developmental scale, we are looking for everything we can to enhance that development. I know I am constantly evaluating whether an experience can help or hinder development. Like even now, I wish my son's only TV watching consisted of PBS or the History Channel. (Did you know that one can actually lose brain cells while watching tv? Or that sleeping actually burns more calories than watching tv? I know. I hate tv.)

But, on occasion, we have to give ourselves the day off. We can be so vigilant about making it all count for our kids that it takes its toll on us. Let the play experience be what it is, resist the urge to teach every minute, and let your son watch "The Goonies", which is exactly what mine is doing right now.

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