Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Four -- Perceptions

I am sure you have noticed how people like to type cast those who have Down syndrome as "all" having certain attributes. I am not talking about physical attributes, but things like, "They are all so loving and always so happy." This is not true. People with Down syndrome are not all loving (all the time) and so happy (always). Thankfully, many people with Down syndrome have these qualities, but to say that "they all" are this way is over generalizing.

It has also been said that all people with Down syndrome are stubborn. I have a theory about this, by the way. I think that we require so many fast transitions (and this is not something my son has ever loved) that are overwhelming. Often (not always!) kids with Down syndrome need a "heads up" that things are about to change. Otherwise, a type of "locking in" behavior shows up, also called stubbornness. At church, in classrooms, when it is time to leave home to go somewhere, our kids need a warning (maybe a timer?) and an idea of what is next. Sometimes a reward for moving on to the next thing is in order, too. After all, we as adults often like to know what is next and when we will be going there!


  1. "in Praise of Slow".

    We have Slow Food and other things to slow down the pace of life.

  2. First, I love your blog. Second, I couldn't agree with you more regarding the "their always so happy" thing. So limiting and insulting and just not true. Third, thanks for the reminder about needing a heads up for transitions - when my son doesn't want to leave pre-school maybe I could stop taking it personally!

  3. Thank you, Kari. I have enjoyed your blog very much. You and your husband are excellent writers.