Monday, November 1, 2010

Hippie Giant

So we are following the World Series around here and are a little disappointed in the performance of the Texas Rangers. So, what is a sports fan to do, except pick on the appearance of the other team? (Have I mentioned that my son is a little competitive??)

Heard from the next room as soon as the game is turned on, "HOLY COW, their pitcher is a hippie!!" Was that my husband? No, his son. Sorry, Giants, but he does have long-ish hair.


  1. Tell him that in this country, it's called "Sledging".

    Or perhaps it was entirely good-natured!

  2. I will have to tell him! Never heard of sledging, but looked it up on Wikipedia, which said this, "Sledging is usually simply an often humorous, sometimes insulting attempt at distraction." Is that right? He would love to distract if he could--all for the sake of winning. We need to find a way to tone that down. Any ideas?

  3. Yes.

    That is exactly right.

    The cricketers (for these are the people most guilty) have a Code of Conduct.

    The footballers, too, have something about "Respect and Responsibility".

    Basically, sledging comes from over-reacting. (You might remember that Ian Chappell made the comment about a cricketer "reacting like a sledge-hammer").

    Fortunately, most Special Olympians know about "being brave in the attempt". So acknowledge outstanding and everyday acts of courage and bravery.

    Roleplays are really good. And half the "fun" is the reaction or action.

    (Basketballers and baseballers are more likely to call it "trash talk").