Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day Seven -- Football and Pickup Trucks

Because I have been married to my sweetie for more than half my life now, I am posting a picture of how he looked when we were in high school! I have unearthed this recently and our son, N., has been truly amazed by it. Not as much because his dad had so much more hair then, but because he played football! N loves some football and is wishing he could play. He and my husband have watched college football every Saturday since it started this season, and they have some big time, he-man bonding hours. I am glad to be included, as it really seems like I should only be invited on special occasions.

My husband says he liked me back at this point in our lives . . . I don’t know if that is true or not. We met in the fourth grade and this picture was taken in the tenth grade. I think there were others much more on his mind at this time than I was, but I’ll pretend with him. If I had known then what kind of a dad he would someday be to our sons, I would have grabbed on for dear life and never let him go. (Of course, if I had done that, we would not be married now, but . . . . just sayin’.) He is a most patient and kind-hearted man.

I am glad that going our separate ways for college ended up cementing the bond between us. I wish I could re-live just one day when he picked me up for high school in his pickup truck!

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