Monday, January 31, 2011

"Hello, Poison Control?"

"Yes, it's me. I know that the last time we spoke was when my husband accidentally mistook the anti-fungal bottle for the ear drop bottle and put anti-fungal medicine in my son's ears. But this time I am calling because my son did not understand my directions for the 2+ ounces of Listerine mouthwash I put on his bathroom counter. He sorta forgot that he has gargled before, and he drank the Listerine for his sore throat. . . . . Active ingredients? Um, let's see . . . Methyl salicylate, eucalyptus, etc. What about alcohol? It has plenty of that . . . Ok, don't make him throw up, but keep him up another hour because that salicylate word is a derivative for aspirin that can upset his stomach? Right, no, we don't want him to throw up and aspirate in his sleep. Thank you. OK, you'll check on him in an hour. Thanks again."

Heart pounding wildly, I made this call last night. I could barely concentrate I was so worried. But today, he is perfectly fine. I forget to observe things and follow through on stuff that he is new to or hasn't done in awhile. I can't believe this happened, but it is a good reminder to be more diligent with my follow through. I take a lot for granted. Especially the following of directions.

Last night there were no laughs, but now I am able to chuckle a little and remember a friend from high school who did this intentionally. We were with the Spanish Club in Mexico City. We had been warned repeatedly not to eat food from street vendors. My hungry friend could not resist one day and was admonished by the rest of us all the way back to the hotel. Later, he reported he drank part of a bottle of mouthwash as a precaution. Why? "It says it kills germs."

Hopefully, all the cooties are out of his stomach forever and my son's as well. Whew!!


  1. oh my, that is crazy stuff. Hope he is feeling good. hope all is well.

  2. It really woke me up and got me going. He seems perfectly fine-- Thank you!

  3. oh my word. I know that was scary! But funny about your HS friend!!!