Thursday, January 27, 2011

Choose To Be

I need to tell you about a unique opportunity in which you can participate in a study of Proverbs that is held by telephone. My sister-in-law, Pat, is part of a team who helps women in a variety of ways. Their website is called, and you can check it out. Their great idea is to allow women to participate via conference call! You don’t have to say a thing; you can listen and glean all kinds of practical wisdom from Proverbs. (You can get the book if you want at Amazon.) Then, when that study is over, they will be doing several “issue” talks, pertaining to parenting, marriage, etc.

I think this is perfect for today’s busy woman who wants to grow in her spiritual life, but does not want to or cannot leave her house. Below are the details. I am thinking I will have to check this out myself! You can listen live or find the call-in number on the website for the recording of the study and listen at a different time.

Believe me, if my sister-in-law is part of it, you will want to be involved, too. She has a ton of energy and will bless you if you are only around her for 5 minutes. When I married into this family, I did not know what a bonus I was getting when I got her! She is a really gifted counselor and a good friend to me.

Below is what she sent me. What a great way to help women right where they are – literally! Starts THIS Tuesday.

An Invitation for You

In 2012 what will you look back and say were the best choices you made in 2011? How important is it to find encouragement and direction for life… as it’s happening? What can you count on day after day no matter what life challenges you may face?

With great excitement, beginning February 11, 2011, each Tuesday night we invite you to join our “Choose to Be” team as we begin an ongoing adventure together learning how to know God in our daily lives and apply God’s Truth in a practical, personal way. We will bring tips for daily living and ways to “enjoy the process” as we go.

God’s intention is not for us to live our life confused, overwhelmed, fearful or without hope. His Truth promises to direct us one step at a time.

WHAT: Weekly Conference Calls

WHEN: Every Tuesday night, beginning, 1-11-11

TIMES: 6-7 pm Pacific time

8-9 pm Central time

9-10 pm Eastern time

STUDY: The Book of Proverbs

STUDY BOOKS: The Bible and “BE SKILLFUL” by Warren W. Wiersbe

The author, Warren Wiersbe, says “The Book of Proverbs is about Godly wisdom, how to get it and how to use it. It tells you how to be skillful in the lost art of making a life.”

CALL-IN # (712) 432-0075 access code: 935742


  1. Wow, what a great idea! And I'm so excited that someone online is doing something at a good time for the Pacific zone :) :). Are you doing the study? How's it going?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today. It's great to meet you!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for the comment about by book. I am really proued of it and really think it can be so helpful to so many. If you get a chance would you mind sharing...I am trying to get the word out: