Friday, January 7, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things . . .

What's better than taking down Christmas decorations? Putting up something new for January! Really, these crocheted snowflakes were Christmas ornaments awhile back, but I have given them a new mission -- to be cheerful in my breakfast room. Besides, we are expecting a little snow around here in a few days, which is very exciting in our part of the country.

Another favorite thing:This is my older son doing dishes. He lives in a campus apartment this year and has a whole new appreciation for a clean kitchen. There is nothing like walking in to his voluntary unloading and reloading of the dishwasher! I like it better than my snowflakes.

Tomorrow is his birthday and he is leaving on a trip tonight. Without me. I like this least of all.


  1. Hey my son started College this year and all I get is dirty Laundry... can we switch?

  2. PLEASE believe me when I say that if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere!! It was a stunning sight.