Friday, November 5, 2010

FLY into the holidays!

Have you heard of the Fly Lady? She is an actual person who lived in c.h.a.o.s. (can't have anyone over syndrome) for a number of years, decided she was not born organized, and decided to find out how people live who ARE born organized. She changed her habits and wrote a book to help those like herself! She also started a very helpful website which will send you emails that remind you to do things like plan dinner. She has got something going on here and I have followed her for several years now. One of the best habits she taught me was to do certain tasks on certain days. For instance, I do laundry on two certain days, grocery shop on Thursday (or Friday), work on checkbook/budget on Wednesday, etc. (I am not committing to the clean- the- house thing on Monday--- haha! But I usually do.)

One great thing she has set up is a Holiday preparation guide. I love it! It helps you do things early so you won’t be stressed out when it gets here. She has a vision of one enjoying oneself during the holidays! If you go here, you will see all kinds of fun ideas. My favorites are the missions and the journal. Just today, I picked up several grocery items that I know I will need in a month, but getting some of it ahead spreads the expense and it makes me feel like I am “on my game”. A great feeling.

I was trying to get my gift ideas list going in my Holiday Control Journal, so I asked my dear N what he might like for Christmas. Considering his souped up, super- testosterone- driven , wrestling, competitive self, can you guess what the first items requested are? “ALL the Rocky movies!” I can only imagine how those would fuel his fire. He seems as though he thinks he might die without them, yet I can see us having to hide them because he will want to punch out everything in sight. I promise we do not feed this! Ted and I are pretty docile and mild creatures. Our older son was not into sports. Yet, this guy seems to live and breathe for any kind of battle of the wills and test of strength. I do not think a few broken noses would slow him down, either. YO, ADRIAN!!!!! I need some help here!

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