Monday, November 8, 2010

Confessions of a Bling-aholic

I started out with good intentions. At least I think I did. I mean, I have been to this same shopping event for multiple years in a row with the same friend and some years I buy nothing. This thing is more than a bazaar, it is . . . a colossal extravaganza that is not for those with poor stamina nor for the easily distracted. (If you have seen the T-shirt, “I started out to conquer the world, but I was distracted by something sparkly”, you know what I mean and you can relate to me.) You have to have a plan, have your list and your concentration on. This event was formerly held in an arena and now it is in a convention center. My good friend and I look forward to going to this annually, and as soon as we drag our tired bodies out of it, we begin the anticipation for the next one.

But back to my good intentions. The purpose was to shop for Christmas gifts. For OTHER PEOPLE. Yes, I bought Christmas gifts. But for myself. Is that even legal? I don’t know, but the worst part is that some of it was going to be for Baby Sister. We have similar taste, so her stuff sorta . . . grew on me. I am still waffling about whether to keep or give some of it, hence this confession. I mean, I could replace it with other stuff. . . . Some of it is really good bling, though.

My shopping companion did not help matters. Can I just blame it all on her?? When I was considering a long necklace for myself, I was debating between the gold one and the silver one. Did she encourage self restraint? No. How about this—“It’s such a good deal, why not get both?” said she. See? That’s why I did it. But it’s not too late. I could just wear these “gifts” for a month or so and then give them up, right? Oh, what a slippery slope. I did start out with good intentions . . .

Have you ever kept a gift that you intended for someone else?

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