Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thyroid Tune-Up

I am thinking it is time for a thyroid tune-up for me. My start to the new year was energetic, but lately I am like a wind-up toy that is almost wound down! I could take a nap at almost any time of the day with no problem.

I have thyroid disease and have known it and been on medication for it for about 9 years. The years that I was undiagnosed were so frustrating. I felt like a really bad mother because many days (which developed into years) I could not hold my head up, much less be a fun and energetic mom. When I look back I want to cry for those lost years. But, thanks to a wreck where we were rear-ended (!), a doctor felt of my neck for whiplash and discovered the swollen thyroid.

Having a doctor to palpate the thyroid, not just go by blood work numbers is KEY. I had had so many “normal” blood workups. Medication made for a slow but steady recovery, and I have enjoyed lots of good health since. It makes me sad for the thousands who are undiagnosed, though. And sad for the years I lost.


Symptoms of hypothyroidism in adults include:

Early symptoms

Easy fatigue, exhaustion

Later symptoms

If you or someone you know is struggling with undiagnosed “feeling bad”, don’t give up! Keep seeking the solution. Perhaps you need a different doctor or someone to go with you who will be persistent.

Stress can contribute to the destruction of the thyroid. Learn how to manage your stress and delegate. Raising a child with special needs can be stressful!

What’s your favorite stress buster?


  1. Ice cream!!!!! ....and then the gym.

    Hey, today was my last day at the pharmacy :( so now we are going to have to plan to see each other. what is your schedule like.....I am feeling some need for coffee!!! :)

  2. Praying for you. We have to take long nature walks.

  3. I've always had blood work done and it comes back normal. Next time I see the doctor I will have him feel my thyroid. My mother and sister both have thyroid problems so I'm sure it will happen to me.
    Anything to get me out of the house makes me feel better. Even if we just go wander around the stores...