Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wild Weird Wednesday

Life Lessons for Today:
  1. Plans are nice, but life happens.
  2. Interruptions happen.
  3. It is good to breathe deeply.
  4. Unexpected appointments happen.
  5. Some things take much longer than the time I allot for them.
  6. It is good to breathe deeply.
  7. Some people are much too precious to sacrifice because of time stressors.
  8. Waiting can be productive (cleaned out my purse, texted a few friends) and good for a relationship (played hangman with my son).
Thanks to Laurie at Living Power for a great post about waiting that I just read yesterday. How timely! She has some great ideas to fill our waits as we occupy exam rooms, etc.

I was still reminding myself to breathe deeply at almost 6:00 p.m. What a weird and wacky day. I had more waiting this evening, but with a plan.

Wait! Isn't that how I started this? Plans are nice, but life happens. My plans are not my own. His ways are higher than my ways. I can rest in that.


  1. I love how you start and end in the same place that day. That is SO how it is raising special needs kids! I joke with my hubby about how it's like being Dori from Finding Nemo. You just roll with it, and live firmly in this moment. ;) Thanks for coming by my site and for your comment and link-back. Have a great night!

  2. This is great. Remember the movie Dan in REal Life when he says about life "prepare to be surprised". That says it all. I love Laurie's comment about Dori finding Nemo. That really helps me.