Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

Spring break was here and gone before I knew it! We had no plans, except for one day, which I will tell you about. The rest just kinda . . . . . happened. This triggers the planner in me every year – it makes me wonder about summer and what will fill my son’s days for those three months. If one week is a bit too much unstructured time for him, what about the entire summer? Yikes.

Our one planned day involved having some friends come visit from out of town. We all lived in the same city years ago and we met because of . . . you guessed it, Down syndrome. Our two boys have enjoyed each other’s company a lot lately, and we have even met halfway between our towns to eat together as families. It is nice to have another mom of a teenage son to discuss similar issues with. She is a thoughtful and conscientious mom with lots of good ideas. Because of her other two teens’ activities, she stays super busy but is so devoted to her middle guy, my son’s friend. I love her. Move back, please, J!!

When they arrived, we went straight to our nearby indoor pool for the boys to enjoy some swimming. This was mutually beneficial, as we moms got to get in lots (not all) of our confidential chatter without being overheard! When they were waterlogged, they got changed and we walked to a restaurant for sustenance (and a milkshake). The boys seemed somewhat more shy while we were at the table with them. Maybe we should have set them at their own table? At any rate, it was a great day with very special friends. That was a highlight of our spring break.

Now the boys are texting each other. We are loving this typical teen behavior and glad they can keep their connection going. Now it’s their turn for confidential chatter!

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