Monday, February 7, 2011

Marriage -- Guard it!

Well, I was on to something even if I did not know that I was. I posted a few days ago about the book I am reading, "Married With Special Needs Children, A Couples Guide to Keeping Connected . . .". The more I read in it, the more I am convinced that you should read it if the title applies to you. I am seeing that we are similar in our dilemmas and differences; it is really amazing to read and see something that you think is unique to your situation, and it isn't!

About what I was on to --- turns out this week is National Marriage Week. Now, isn't that a good reason to do something to better your union? Yes! How about beginning some small habit that strengthens your marriage? What could it be? Email your spouse during the day to say "hi" and something encouraging? Set up a time to go out -- just the two of you? Fix his favorite dinner just because? Do something that brings back old (and good) memories! Do something that will make him laugh. Whatever you come up with, just do it. I'd love to hear about it.

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