Monday, August 16, 2010

Too Much Birthday

I always remember the title of that Berenstein Bears book. It says it all around here these days. We have definitely been living in the wake of Too Much Birthday. I had one a few days ago and it was lovely and low key. That alone would have been plenty. However, there is no ignoring N’s b-day, and it closely follows mine. We had a big bash for him the day after mine, because we wanted to pack all the fun in before school started. He chose a sports theme, so we had a lively tailgating party. I had plenty o’ birthday sweets and dinner, and now all of his is still hanging around, too. We will also be celebrating out tonight, of course, because it is the Actual Birthday. Combined with his first day of the school year today, we are really overdosing on all the fun we can stand. We do this, oh, a week after Christmas, and a few days after that for the other two in our family. We just like to celebrate in a BIG way only a few times a year. ‘Cause we’re fun like that.

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