Sunday, August 29, 2010


As I have been swallowed up into the routine of school and other annoying factors that signal an end to my favorite season, summer, I have decided to focus on purses. Yes, purses. My brain has been so full of ideas for adapting curriculum,
several appointments lately for N, how to help my older son stay on a budget, etc., that it just needs a diversion, a little side trip to keep things more interesting. What could be more important to inquiring (female) minds than what sort of handbags are “in” for fall? If summer has to end, why not console oneself with a new purse? (Okay, if I sound shallow, so be it. Maybe it's just my coping mechanism.)

I found some very good deals on my first foray out into the purse world. I was so tempted by a purse that was so “me” that I only realized after examining it closely for about 10 seconds that I already own it! Good to know I’m consistent like that. I like the “Cross Body” bag with its many zippers and compartments; this one was red. What I really liked was a leather bag by The Sak that was purple. It was also on sale for 40% off. Many others caught my eye, especially the lovely orange one with braided gold metal straps. Too bad --it zing-ed me with its $265 price tag so that I pitched it forward as if I had handled a hot potato.

But many of the bags I looked at lacked something. I smiled to myself when I thought it would be good if the non-boring ones had an area of their own, marked “Bags With Purse-onality.” I like a little something that will be fun and extraordinary, although I was tempted by a few sleek, black ones. I walked away empty hand-bagged. Decided to do a little research first, and I found that a dominant trend this fall is beige. Not my favorite. Below is a different article you might like if you are in the market, too. (And there is no mention of beige.) This could be a good time to buy, since I heard that many stores are putting items on sale that women might buy for themselves. This is because we don’t do much buying for ourselves during back-to-school days. (Thanks for the tip, A.T.!) But this may be the time we could use a little pick-me-up the most.

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