Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now, People, Get Real

For some reason, N.’s various comments about life in general have me laughing so much lately. He has so many one-liners that I can’t keep up with them. Here are a few:

*We thought we would have the pool to ourselves several nights ago, but there were a few families with children there. (No tiny ones, though, and crying is something he detests.) N’s disappointment was palpable and when I asked him about it, he said, “I think I’ll tell them it’s past their bedtime.”

*I think he has picked up on the anxiety I have about his new school and entry into high school, so he tries to keep things light. (Always so concerned for me—SWEET. Except for when he is in teenage mode.) I was expressing concern for his back, which has been hurting a lot lately. His backpack is ridiculously heavy, and I said that it was. His reply --- “That’s just the way high school rolls, Mom.”

*We were discussing his sleep patterns and the doctor’s recommendation for another sleep study. I told him that they might recommend another C-PAP machine or another surgery. He said, “I’ll stick with Plan A.” I burst out laughing. (Not sure if he meant not going for the study or getting the C-PAP machine!)

*He loves to sort through the mail in the afternoon and I heard him muttering, “Now, people, get real”. He had come across a catalog selling Christmas wreaths, and he was letting them know it is way too early!

He. cracks. me. up.

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  1. I love his comment "I think I'll tell them it's past their bedtime!" haha!