Sunday, July 11, 2010

More About Me

I am a person who likes to let my creative side explore and to try something new every now and then, hence this blog. My main responsibilities these days include running our household and looking after the needs of our younger son, whose name actually means “Gift from God”. Little did I know that he would be born with Down syndrome when we picked his name out 15 years ago. Turns out, he IS a gift, and I could not be prouder of him. Maybe his blog name will simply be “Gift” or just "N". This blog, I think, will be mainly dedicated to helping parents like me appreciate the wonder of our gifts and to enjoying life.

I also have another son who is at a nearby university. His name means “Strong and Manly”. Maybe I will call him “Manly” here. Or “Strong” or just "A". When he was small, someone warned me that those upon whom this name is bestowed are commonly strong-WILLED. I laughed, remembering her prediction, as I watched him grow into a negotiator extraordinaire. He is a creative guy, and he has an appreciation for music. He continually commands respect with his knowledge of all kinds of music trivia, no genre exempt. He is a true "audio file", and I am also very proud of him.

Their father, my sweet husband, is a fine role model for the boys. My sister’s nickname for him in high school was “Example” because my mother thought so much of him. (He and I actually met in the fourth grade! More on that later . . .) I thought about calling him Role Model or Example, but I believe I will just call him Ted. Fewer letters, but mostly to honor his Teddy Bear nature. (Never mind that his real name means “from the dark waters” !) He is as even tempered as they come and balances me well. All of my guys are gifts!

I love my friendships, I like hiking and being with my family anywhere. I enjoy cooking, reading, and photography. I am happiest when I am planning something or doing some sort of research (like Consumer Report--yes, I am a nerd!). I love to encourage other parents and to be encouraged. Our lives are full of joys and challenges; any time we can help one another along on this journey is satisfying to both. And I love to learn. I hope to hear from you and learn from you in the comments.

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