Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Too Much Fun, Part 1

For almost a whole week, I have par-tayed with my sister here in my home town during our “stay-cation”. Baby Sister came for a visit while Ted was in Savannah, and we had too much fun. As in—no time to do laundry, clean the house or be concerned with anything except having some more fun. Truly, if it did not involve shopping, eating, movies, generally gallavanting, (did I say shopping?), we did not do it. One day we even got a massage! And did I mention the cupcakes we bought? (These are actually the very ones above.) Now I am going to associate having no responsibility with a visit from her.

We did have to arrange our self indulgence around N’s day camp schedule, which brought us under a semblance of control. We also stayed up late one night to greet A., who drove his manly self in from a music festival in Chicago. (His return was such a relief; that was a first for us, a 12+ hour driving trip.) Between N’s schedule and A’s work schedule, Baby Sister got to visit each nephew one on one and enjoyed that.

Baby Sister is exactly one year younger than I am. Yes, she was born on my first birthday and we always celebrated like twins. One year we even had a large sheet cake with a line drawn down the middle, separate colors and flavors on either side. Because that annual event is soon approaching, we took every opportunity to commemorate it. We gave each other the aforementioned massage “for your birthday”, we gave each other a lunch “for your birthday”, and there were also birthday shoes involved. A week long birthday is hard to recover from, but I’ll do my best.

Come baaaack, Baby Sister!

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