Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's That Chu Say?

A stranger burst my bubble today. I was walking past her house with my husband on a little stroll. It was perfectly lovely outside and I was enjoying the outdoors. She sat idly on her porch and called out, "Great day to be outside, isn't it?" We agreed and she proceeded to remark on how nice it has been. Indeed! We have needed no air conditioning for over a week. This is remarkable!

Then it came out. "I hear it is supposed to be 96 next week, though." What?? "We can't seem to get away from it," she added. I normally don't pay attention to weather forecasts and just accept each day's weather as if it were my screen saver; it's just the background, you know? When people complain about the weather, I simply shrug because -- what can you do? It is what it is and we don't get a vote.

But because of our unusually brutal summer, it felt like she said, "We will have 7 more weeks of oppressive heat and we will all perish because of its intensity." Really, 96? Really? I'm paying attention to that.


  1. well, you just burst MY bubble!!! Ugh!!!

  2. Oh, sorry, Sara! It is even harder to face after we have had this wonderful break and fall-ish weather. To go back? nooooooooooooo