Thursday, September 8, 2011

Her Rock Star Highness

Ok, the reason I am so excited about taking more photos is because I had a tutorial with a famous lady! Long story short, I was headed to Madison, WI again with my husband, and a few weeks before departure I offhandedly remarked that the only person I "knew" in Madison was this blogger lady, Donna Boucher. Of course, she didn't "know" me, I only "knew" her. Anyway, Sweet, Fabulous, Amazing Man o' Mine did an unthinkable thing! He contacted my blogging crush and asked not only if I could meet her but if I could have a photography tutorial with her!!!!!!! And this was my birthday present.

The Man is definitely set for life. He need not do one other thing. Ever. I was so flabbergasted when he wrote this all out for me and gave it to me that I was speechless. And continued to think over and over how speechless I would be to meet Donna. And how I could not think of a single photography question because I would be in the presence of her Rock Star Highness. I was so giddy.

Well, Donna met every expectation and more. I'll tell about her some later. If you want to read her at Quiet Life, you will enjoy her. If you want to read what she wrote about our visit, it's on her Tuesday, August 23rd post. Oh, one of her credentials is writing photography tutorials for Pioneer Woman!

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  1. that is so cool!!! wow, your husband really hit a homerun!!!! I can't wait to hear about it!

    so, we can we have coffee?