Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking Toward Summer

I like that feeling of excitement mixed with panic, do you? That is how I feel about summer approaching and many days of no school, no schedule ahead. I told you how I started planning so many things for my son because spring break made me think. Lots of days, all sprawling ahead, make me think, "Yay!" and "Uh oh, what is he gonna do? Help!" all at once.

I called about therapeutic horseback riding and that seems to be in the works. Wow, a lot of paperwork, but hopefully, it will be worth it. I also want to find an art outlet for N, who seems to churn out quite a lot of drawings on a weekly basis. This seems to calm him, and I would like to find someone who can help him develop his abilities . . . I have so many areas I want to plug him into that we just don't seem to have the time for during the school year. Ah, so many possibilities!

Currently, he is helping with the football team after school. They started spring practice, and he gets the equipment out and hands out protein drinks. He likes setting up the obstacle courses they run and has occasionally gotten to blow the whistle for them. I have met the coach once, who said that he gets things out there so quickly for them and that they can't wait to have him on the sidelines with them in the fall. This was great to hear. I have trouble, though, just letting him stay after school and do his thing. I wonder how well he is following directions, wonder if he is really helping, whether he understands, etc.

It is hard to be the parent of a teen who looks capable and just assume that no news is good news. I don't want to be in the middle of it all, but I do feel the need for some more communication! Is this going to be a normal feeling or will I eventually let go all the way?

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