Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Beginning to Look (Less?) Like Christmas

I have decided that I have changed with regard to my Christmas decorating approach. We have accumulated a lot of decorations over the years, and not all of it do I love anymore. Some of it gets drug out and put up out of nostalgia. Not this year. I actually took a peek in a box that Ted brought down from the attic and removed ONE thing out of it. When I told him I was through, he said, “That’s ALL?”. If I don’t love it, I am not putting it up out of obligation. What will I ultimately do with all the tired decorations? I don’t know. I’m not committing. One year I labeled a box “Ugly Christmas Stuff I don’t use anymore.” Seems that box is going to have company.

It is liberating to scale back. And not nearly as much work! I am focusing on the small things. Literally. Like red hots. I went to a few places to find the small candies for some candle holders. I thought the color would show up nicely. I wound up in Wal-Mart today and found some “Red Gems” for $3. I have been obsessing about this and now I am pleased with the results.

I also have some ornaments that were my grandmother’s and they are special to me. I usually put them in a bowl, but this year they make up a centerpiece that really makes me happy. Yes, less is more, I do believe.

Can you see the "Red Gems"in the globes?

Ornaments that belonged to Grandmother

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  1. Love the decorations!!! You can sell that ugly Christmas stuff on Etsy along with ugly Christmas stuff. People will buy anything.