Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hiatus Interrupted

Okay, so it has been a long time since I posted. Holla if you missed me! Turns out, things have been kinda topsy turvy, as life is wont to be sometimes. I suppose the event that took me away from bloggyville the longest involved my grandmother passing away. She was 89, had vascular dementia, and lived in a nursing home. I like to think more about other parts of her life than her last 8 years because she was a really fabulous lady.

It is great to have someone of upstanding character in one's lineage. Mind you, I have plenty of unsavory examples also in my lineage, but those can be for another post! My grandmother was a woman who served and gave a lot in her life. She was adventurous and even drove three of us grandchildren on a trip to Washington D.C., Jamestown, and to see the Biltmore-- all by herself. It was important to her that we see all that and know our nation's history. She was successful in those goals and in giving her grandchildren a trip we will never forget.

So many things could paint a picture of her, but one big thing stands out in my mind. She gave parties at her home for teenagers who had special needs. Her only connection was that a good friend's daughter had an intellectual disability, and my grandmother wanted her to have a good time, like all other teens do. I knew this was an unusual act of service when I was growing up, but not until I had my own child with special needs did I realize what a huge gift she gave her friend. Our kids SO need social opportunities.

I am grateful for her example of acceptance, giving, and serving. I suppose her life is a challenge to me to pick up that baton and follow in her determined way.


  1. I missed ya.

    My heart goes to you regarding your grandmother. That's how I feel about my grandmother as well...she will live on in me forever. xoxo

  2. I was wondering where you were. So sorry about your loss but I agree with you, think of the good parts of your grandmother's life. She sounds like one fab lady. Her legacy lives on with you.

  3. What a beautiful story of your grandmother. This makes me cry. How thoughtful she was. Take time for yourself. We will still be here.

  4. Thanks, girls. You are the best!