Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Woman I Admire

Recently I had a good talk with a friend who is quite an unusual woman. I first met her when N was just a baby. She found our new mom’s group through the support group and she became a “regular”, faithfully bringing her little infant, who was only a matter of months older than N. This baby was an adorable little fair skinned girl with a shock of black hair, and her momma loved this baby’s Down syndrome. In fact, she asked for it. She requested it. Yes, as a single mom, my friend sought to adopt a baby with a disability. And I could only marvel at her.

Those two have been through much together—major heart surgery, eye surgeries, discovery of significant hearing loss, ear surgeries, and now, glaucoma (all for the tiny one). This mom does not live in my city any more, but she does come here often for appointments. Several years ago, she let me know that another adoption was in the works – her heart would not rest until she received a certain little girl from China who had low vision. So she excitedly added to her family. She completely accepts her girls for who they are, challenges them, encourages them, and yes, loves them so well.

Only a few years ago when we updated, she asked in a laughing tone if I thought she was crazy that she yearned to adopt again. I told her she would be crazy to ignore it if this is what she thought God was calling her to do. She said she had felt for some time that God gave her the desire for these children, they were her purpose, and she wanted one more. And now, for over a year, a darling boy with Down syndrome graces this once all-girl family. Evidently, he has brought a lot of spark and energy as only a male child can! (She was trying to extract a toy tool from the DVD player as we spoke.)

Her selfless approach to living a life devoted to these children leaves me speechless, wishing I could be half the woman she is . . . There are a lot of things she could have chosen to do with her life, and she gives it to 3 precious ones whose parents did not choose them. But she did. And she chooses them every day, laughing at their antics, cooking their favorite foods, taking walks with them, and teaching others to accept them. My hat is off to her. No, to be more honest, I adore her, and I thank God for people like her in our world.

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